" The beautiful villages of Zagoria are a living history and a distant legend! "

Arhontiko Aristis


A place with a unique nature is extended over the heart of the northern Pindos. Tall and massive mountains and evergreen forests, fertile valleys, lush plateaus, unpolluted lakes and rushing rivers, all unique treasures of this proud place.

Here the climate favors the development of a rich flora and a rare fauna. Citation place are the two national parks Vikos-Aoos.

The Vikos gorge rips the mountain of Gamila, and the crystal river Voidomatis is passing between it.

In recent years, Aristi has established itself as a popular destination, because it's position facilitates the access to the most attractions of the area, and of course because of its proximity to the river Voidomatis.

Popular Options

Spiliotissa monastery
Descending from Aristi to Voidomatis river, left in the forest is the monastery of Spiliotissa built in 1579, where there are wonderful paintings of the 17th century.

Voidomatis river
After the bridge of Aristi, following the river, there is a path that goes beside the coldest and the cleanest river of Europe.

Balcony overlooking the gorge of Vikos
The village is 4 km distance from Aristi and there is an observatory from where anyone can enjoy the canyon from above. Just before entering the village, there is a path that leads to sources of Voidomatis.

Drakolimni (dragon lakes) of Timfi
At 2100 meters, on the majestic peaks of Timfi, are located the Draokolimnes (dragon lakes) , which can be visited crossing the path that starts from the Papigo village.

Stone bridges
The area has the largest number of bridges in Greece. Monks bridge, built in the canyon of Vikos near the village Kipoi (gardens). Lazaridis bridge, between the villages of Kipoi and Koukouli. The Kokkoris Bridge, between the villages of Dilofo and Koukouli. Arkoudas Bridge (bridge of bear), down from Dilofo. Myloi Bridge (Mill bridge) near Kipoi. Missios bridge, between the villages of Koukouli and Vitsa.

Arhontiko Aristis Zagorochoria
ξενοδοχεία ζαγοροχωρια

In the villages' square, stands proud from 1718, the Virgin Mary's church with it's tall bell tower and it's superb style frescoes.

From the outdoor nature activities we suggest, traversing the Vikos canyon, riding in the woods of Kleidonia next to Voidomatis, and crossing Voidomatis with rafting accompanied by experienced guides, to discover another dimension of the nature.