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"Where the primary element of nature meets the human need of moving into enclaves, a pile of settlements climbed in the unique landscape of the national park canyon Vikos-Aoos. "


In the most central of these residential enclaves, in Aristi, gifted with a privileged view to the canyon of Vikos and the mountains of Astraka, is one of the most representative traditional hotels of the Zagori area, the mansion of Aristi.

The hotel is located in a distinctive way to the aesthetic impositions of the past, opening passages for a more refined and hospitable habitation to the present, adapted to a more timely and timeless version.

" That recommends the special identity of this traditional house which permeates the stylized models, and seems to draws its own character. "

On the slopes of Pindos, in a place with special natural beauty and certainly its own cultural identity, part of which is the Epirus Architecture, the old Mansion, at least 200 years old, was restored with special care and respect for tradition, by Dimitriadis family .

With few interventions the old mansion invites the visitors to experience and feel the qualities of the area, which although they seem unfamiliar, they are present.

In the new buildings of the complex, the style distinctive changes, with the facilities combined with the needs of today.

Rooms equipped with fireplace, mini-bar, bathrooms with Jacuzzi and biologic amenities Damana, intend to cover all your accommodation needs.

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Arhontiko Aristis Zagorochoria
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A special element of the hostel is it's excellent position overlooking the surrounding villages and the impressive volumes of the Pindus Mountains. Position, which makes the hotel the ideal base for visitors wishing to experience the villages of Zagoria and the wider region.

The grandeur of the natural beauty of Pindos unfolds differently each time, with the impressive changes of the seasons, from the feather snow that covers everything in winter thru the paradise colors of the autumn and the spring flowering.

At the bar you can enjoy breakfast, coffee or drink, combined with lovely views of the Vikos gorge and the unspoilt mountains of the National Park of Pindos. The restaurant of the hostel is open all year. with authentic Greek cuisine and exclusively local products.

The Arhontiko Aristi is one of the best choices you can make for accommodation in Zagorochoria among all the hotels in Zagorochoria as it holds the highest ratings on the international tourism websites TripAdvisor and Hotels Combined.

Conference room

Our hotel also has a room with a capacity of 25-30 people, where many well-known companies have organized their conferences, workshops, corporate presentations, corporate events, etc.

Basic audiovisual equipment is available.

Conferences held:

  • etc.
conference center in Aristi